The failure of the capitalist project


Andy, Where's My 15 Minutes (Unknown)



An Unbearable Slave (Unknown) 



The Hanging Moron (Giggs) 



 The Disguise Surfaces Under Your Smile (Unknown)



Money Notices The Nice Bank (Starmer)  



The Mediaeval Judge (Unknown) 



An Impressive Secret (Unknown)



An Arresting Fundamentalist (Unknown) 



Resist A Contentious Glory (Unknown)



The Pornography Fiddle (Unknown)



 The Crush Against The Employed (Unknown)



The Corrupt Voter (Unknown)



Lord Of All Jellycopters (Unkown) 



A Surgery Breaks (Unknown)



The Molecular Diner (Unknown) 



Another Unstable Medium (Unknown) 



A. Notorious Apology (Bowie)



Half Time Oranges (Bowie)



 The Mother Resigns (Fanning) 



The Notorious Apology Stalls The Collapse (Unknown)



The Arrow Wants Revenge (Unknown)