Listen to your mum she knows best.


You Would Want To Put A Stick Up His Arse And Lick Him Like A Lollipop (Charles Windsor)



Beedin' Spunk Bandit (Philip)



Have You Found Out What That Thing Is For (Swinton)



She Left Because She Knew The value Of Defiance (Anon)



The Revolution Will. Not Make You Look Five Pounds Lighter (Cameron) 



Lets Make America Great Again (Trump)



Oi George, Don't Piss Down My Neck And Tell Me Its Raining (Osbourne)



As Welcome As A Fart In A Spacesuit (Farage)



If Yoiu Have Nothing Good To Say, Say Nothing (Johnson)



I Don't Believe You Are An Expert (Charles Windsor)



 You're Just saying That To Look Good (Conway)