welcome, about this (b)log book

This (b)log is part of my continuing research for my PhD (by practice).  It will include ideas, notes, thoughts and images of anything I feel is relevant to the project and my practice in general.  It is a logbook and an archive of everything I think is relevant (and sometimes irrelevant) to what I consider my role as a visual artist.  Hopefully it will inform and amuse the reader and give insight into how I think and feel when I make, consume and experience “art”.

This (b)log will not be exclusively about my research project but seeing as the project is a formalisation of my creative practice, I think it is only fair that you see all entries as both a reflection and experience of my project, and my experience as a visual artist in general and as a fully paid up member of the human race.  As far as I am concerned there is no difference between the two.   

The aim of this blog is that it will act theoretical log/diary where I can explore and develop new ideas and understanding about myself, the role of my work and art in general within both my immediate surrounding and the wider (less forgiving) world.  I believe that one learns through doing and this (b)log is just a literal manifestation of this process.   It will also act as an archive where I can see my progress and identify my development as an artist. 

I hope you enjoy reading and following this blog and come along with me as the project and my development as an artist progress.–  These are interesting times to be an artist.  Life has, shall we say become “somewhat strange” and new ways of being are revealing themselves to us as we realise that our existence that we have all been living under is a choice which we DO NOT have to embrace.  There is nothing natural about it and there is no default way of being, only an infinite number of possibilities about how we choose to live and exist.  Besides the old ways are beginning to crumble under the weight of their lies.  We have always had the means to shape our world,  – but now I see we may now have the desire to do just that.  It will be a difficult journey.  It is a strange and fearful world we have built for ourselves. It is resistant to change and prepared to fight tooth and nail to maintain their unsustainable status quo. (Visual)Art can be at the forefront in shaping a new world. One that is reflective of the needs of all people irrespective of race, creed and sexuality.  –  Now is the time not to lose courage. 

I apologise if my spelling and grammar are somewhat lacking.  I will endeavour to be as precise and as accurate as possible, but this is not my strongest suit.  As this record grows, I hope it will reflect a growing confidence and understanding of what exactly what it means to be a visual artist in these strange and challenging times.  – I welcome any and all feedback but will not be entertaining any trolls or inappropriate responses.  There is every chance I will contradict myself from one post from the next and if I do please feel free to challenge me or at least point out (politely) any inconsistencies.  The images included here will be sketches, notes and other images that resonate with me.  My own work when completed will appear elsewhere in this website and if you follow me on twitter or Instagram you will be informed when this happen.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy yourselves here.


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